My Experience Sharing my First Sculpture in artist exhibits

Elizabeth Denton Intuitive Alert

As an artist submitting work into exhibitions can be daunting and scary.  Will my art be accepted? Am I willing to put a price tag on it? Is the gallery a right fit for me? Am I mentally ready to share this work?  My piece “Intuitive Alert” was my very first figurative piece I created. […]

Easily Enhance Your Studio Feng Shui

Elizabeth Denton

  It is important that the space you create your artwork in is designed to enhance your creation process. In life, you may find that even the smallest environment can disrupt your energy. As a passionate follower and teacher of Feng Shui, I want to help you ensure your space is amplifying your creative process, […]

Sabbatical from Sales

Elizabeth Denton Water Colors

Why I decided to take a break from creating to sell.  At heart I am a people pleaser and it’s something I am actively trying to break away from.  Not because I don’t want to be kind and helpful to my friends and community, that is far from the truth.  I have to be more […]