My Experience Sharing my First Sculpture in artist exhibits

As an artist submitting work into exhibitions can be daunting and scary. 

Will my art be accepted? Am I willing to put a price tag on it? Is the gallery a right fit for me? Am I mentally ready to share this work? 

My piece “Intuitive Alert” was my very first figurative piece I created.

“Intuitive Alert” was accepted into the first show I entered it in.  It was extremely validating and the feelings I had for my sculpture and its message felt heard.   The opening reception was filled with excitement and I couldn’t wait to see my sculpture in the limelight.  I felt immense gratitude that my piece was selected for the exhibition and that a number of my close friends came out to support me.  

It’s a very interesting experience having your art be seen by others and witnessing their responses.  I remember being disappointed that my sculpture was put against a wall and no one saw the half of the story the back represented.  I noticed lots of looks of what seemed like bewilderment of what my sculpture was even about.  Every opportunity I had to explain what it meant to me got met with an uncomfortable silence. 

Even though that experience had mixed feelings I knew deep down that this sculpture is meant to be seen.  I waited and when it felt right to try again I did and I was rejected.  Time goes by and I see another exhibition that is local and I try again and it gets invited!!  

I was so excited that Intuitive alert was going to have another chance to share its message.  

Reception day came and it was a completely different experience for me.  My sculpture was placed in a way that all sides could be viewed and I could see people receiving and appreciating my work.  I had people engage me in conversation about my piece with genuine interest and they shared their personal stories.  It was an absolutely magical day for me that I will never forget.  

This experience  taught me to honor my creative spirit and to stay strong in my conviction to put my art out there.  Sometimes it just takes the right show or juror and if that doesn’t work blast it all over social media for all to see.  Stay true to yourself and never give up.  

And if you missed the reception it’s not too late to see my piece in person.  The show runs till Aug 28th at Arts Benicia, 1 Commandant’s Lane, Benicia Ca. 94510 

To follow along with my artist’s story, you can find me on instagram and facebook.

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