elizabeth denton

Multi-Medium Artist

about me

Elizabeth is a multi-medium artist based in Benicia, California. Elizabeth is inspired by her intuition, thoughts, dreams, and a natural creative stream of consciousness that flows the days and months before and during her creative projects. Astrology, Feng Shui, and energy have a big importance on her process, timing and environment in which she works. Elizabeth has been creating for many years but after a trip to Iceland she was inspired to fully express her art with an emphasis on mediums where she can create visual representations of her artistic intuition. With this goal for creation in mind, ceramics has become Elizabeth’s primary medium. 
Creative energy is innate in Elizabeth. When it comes to her physical surroundings, she enjoys having beautiful meaningful objects that enhance the energy of a space. With over a decade of experience in Meditation and Clairvoyant training from Berkeley Psychic Institute and Intuitive Way in Walnut Creek, Elizabeth takes the energy within and surrounding us in consideration with her creative process. 
Elizabeth is an entrepreneur at heart. Previously Elizabeth owned her own business in the Napa Valley. Since retiring, she has since refocused her entrepreneurial spirit on her artistic endeavors. Alongside a relocation to Benicia, California, Elizabeth’s artwork has blossomed. Throughout her adulthood Elizabeth expressed herself through collaging, beading, and interior decorating. Since her move she has explored even more mediums, such as ceramics, enamel and water color.
Today Elizabeth can be found sharing her unique pieces with a wide variety of audiences. From featuring pieces in local galleries, to sharing her work on social media, Elizabeth is a pillar in her artistic community. Elizabeth’s goal is for anyone who interacts with her art to feel the magic and inspiration in her pieces and that they will ignite, awaken, and inspire you.