Easily Enhance Your Studio Feng Shui


It is important that the space you create your artwork in is designed to enhance your creation process. In life, you may find that even the smallest environment can disrupt your energy. As a passionate follower and teacher of Feng Shui, I want to help you ensure your space is amplifying your creative process, and never hindering it.

With these 4 Easy steps, you can elevate your creative space to inspire yourself!

Step 1: Clean and Organize!

This is the very first layer that needs to be applied in Feng Shui. And you have to admit knowing where everything is and having a clean work and living environment feels really good. Nothing is more frustrating than when I am looking for a tool and I cannot find it. This is definitely a work in progress and sometimes takes a few iterations of re organizing before you find the perfect system that works for you. Cleaning is also something I make a point to do anytime I work in my studio, especially at the end of my day. It feels good to come into my studio knowing it’s clean and ready for me to create!

Step 2: Flowers and Plants

I love seeing flowers and Foliage in my space. There is just something magical about the energy that plants exude that feels uplifting and inspiring. Lately Orchids have been my plant of choice but I also love visiting my local floral shop and hand picking flowers that match my current mood.

Step 3: Sound

Whether it’s your favorite Music, Podcast, water feature or noise cancelling machine, setting a pleasant environment, and engaging the senses is a way that feeds creativity and can inspire new ideas. Somedays I really feel drawn to having music playing in my space and others I prefer the silence. Honoring your feelings and setting the tone appropriately nurtures yourself to create from an authentic place.

Step 4: Pets

Having my sweet rescue in my studio not only warms my heart but pets elevate spaces with their loving energy. Careful consideration needs to be taken for the safety of any pets in a studio space, keeping them away from any harmful chemicals and or processes. 

Once you have completed each of these steps you may find that your space is now attune with the art you want to create.

As an Artist, it is so important to check in with the space i am residing in, and that these 4 important steps are in action to enhance the Feng Shui.

Do you have Feng Shui tips or methods you follow for your artist’s studio? Please share in the comments! Want to learn more behind the scenes of being an artist? Subscribe to the VIP List and connect with me on Instagram!

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